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Licensed MFT

Doctor of Education

Midlife/60+ Consultant


Are You Navigating 
MIDLIFE or 60+?

NATURE prompts and nudges us to deepen and transform in our Midlife and 60+ years.  This powerful process, with its questions and challenges, is an important focus of my consultation and therapy practices.   "What's Normal? What's Not?" and  "Who am I now?"  are typical questions in this "ChangeTime".

I work with women and men in their Midlife and 60+ years who are seeking clarity, relief, and guidance. I work with inner and outer conflicts, with situations that challenge your sense of self, and with the experiences that help you  deepen your sense of Self.

"Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate." 
             J.R. Tolkein

How you navigate the twists and turns of emotions, self-image, the unknown, new decisions, losses and empty spaces in Midlife has a direct effect on how you will live life in your later years.

I am a trusted guide for individuals navigating their Midlife or 60+ years.
with any questions you may have.   If you are interested in creating a Midlife Circle Event let me know in the Contact Form.

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